Admins now can force approving requested Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites

Now, functionality that allows admin users to force approval requests is implemented. It applies to requests where admin user is not among approvers and requests where admin user is one of several approvers but all approvers are required to approve request. Here, admin user can force approval requests despite request approvers settings.

More information about users displayed when adding as members

Some users have the same name, e. g. “Tom Smith”, so it is difficult to distinguish between correct and incorrect users. We now added more user information in corresponding user input fields. Now when trying to find user, user display name, user email and job title is shown, if defined in Azure AD. When Team […]

Add Groups as Members in template

Now Overview & Control Admins can add Microsoft 365 Groups as Owners / Members / Visitors in template settings.This means that Teams / Groups / SharePoint sites created by current tenant by default will include these groups of users. When Team is created, members will be displayed as single users, not as the group added.

Option to allow adding guest users and sensitivity label fields

For Overview & Control Admins, we added check for “Allow add guests” and “Sensitivity label” fields. Check is based on tenant level group settings and is intended for limiting “Allow add guests” and “Assign sensitivity label” functions. If tenant group settings doesn’t allow to add guests or assign labels, corresponding input fields will be disabled […]

Educational tenants: Now default Teams templates are available

For educational tenants – now users can provision educationalTteams of types “Class”, “Professional Learning Community – PLC” and “Staff”, based on default Teams templates. This functionality is available only if tenant is educational. Then users can request Teams based on these default templates. In addition, you of course have all Overview & Control features and […]

SharePoint Communication site available in Templates

SharePoint Communication site is now an available template type. Admin users can create SharePoint Communication site templates and define Communication site provisioning options such as site address, hub association, default language, time zone, external sharing settings, theme, header, footer and navigation look. In addition, folder structure in Documents library can be pre-defined. Users now can […]

Sensitivity labels available in Templates

Sensitivity labels (Classification), e. g. Konfidensiell – Helseopplysninger”. “Intern”, “Streng konfidensiell”, Offisiell” and “Konfidensiell” can now be made available in templates. Admin can view available sensitivity labels made in Security Admin for organization if created and choose sensitivity label in template settings. Organization should have minimum Azure Premium P1 license for assigning labels to Group, […]

Pre-define apps in channel tabs for a Team template

As an Overview & Control Admin you can customize a template with pre-defined apps available in channel tabs for the users. When a user requests a Team based upon a template with this, the Team is created with current apps in tabs. Team owner / member no longer need to add apps to Team channels. […]

Update existing Teams, Groups or SharePoint sites when a template is changed

As an Overview & Control Admin you can customize a template to update collaboration sites already created. If you change a Team template e. g. to have visibility “Public” from “Private”, you can choose wheter you want existing Teams to be updated. This is a setting in Overview & Control Input Field settings.