Complete overview all business Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 groups

Published: January 4, 2021

With Overview & Control you can easily create and manage all your Teams.
Overview & Control is an app you can add directly from Teams Apps. 

Your users have an overview of all Teams, SharePoint sites and Office 365 groups they are part of. Then it is easy to find what they are looking for. The overview shows Titles, Description, owners, template based upon, number of members, guests, and last activity date.

Figure 1 Teams Overview

Icons describing the Teams

An icon palette describes Team, SharePoint and Group features

Figure 2 Icon Palette

Columns to sort the overview

The overview shows columns with Team, Group or SharePoint site name, description, template based upon, owners, number of members, guest users, and the date for the last activity. The overview columns can be sorted ascending or descending.

See Figure 1 Teams overview

Teams without owners are highlighted.

Manage a Team, a SharePoint site or a Microsoft 365 group

The ellipse menu (three dots) next to each Title enables you to manage each, given your permissions.

Filter function Status and Type

With the filter function for Status Active, Archived and Deleted you can quickly get a current overview. The overview can also be filtered on Types at Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 groups.

Figure 3 Filtering functions

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