Create Templates to govern Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites

Published: January 27, 2021

Overview & Control is your new governance tool, enabling your company to manage the creation and development of new Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites. You can easily create custom templates with different policies and settings and set up automated approval to the users you want. 

Figure 1 Templates Overview

Your Overview & Control Admins have an overview of all Templates. The templates are easy to find and manage. The overview shows Template titles, Description, # of use, approvers, date created, created by, date last modified and modified by.

Columns to sort the Templates overview

The overview columns can be sorted ascending or descending

Icons describing the Templates

An icon palette describes the templates

Figure 2 Templates Icon Palette

Manage a Template

The ellipse menu next to each Template enables you to manage each template

Figure 3 Manage Templates