Quick and easy Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites approval workflow to enable standardization and prevent creation of duplicates

Published: January 21, 2021

Overview & Control Admin can give users approval rights for different templates, making it easier for your company to approve or reject Team requests. Users with approval rights and administrators then can prevent duplication of Teams, SharePoint sites and Groups by rejecting requests and guide the user who requested to an already existing Team, Group or SharePoint site.  

Figure 1 Awaiting my approvals 

Three approval options 

Choose between three options.  

  1. Create Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites without approval 
  1. Require multiple approvals 
  1. Require only approval from one of the multiple users with approval rights 

My approval requests 

In addition, the approver has a list, “My requests”, containing completed approvals and Team creations 

Figure 2 Overview My Team approval requests