Overview & Control Road Map
– what is coming up next releases

Current version of Overview & Control

See articles regarding Release Notes in Overview & Control Blog

Features planned

Overview & Control Admins

  • Create templates that generates SharePoint Sites
  • Create custom fields for a template, e. g. “Project Manager”
  • Limit access to some requests so that users only get relevant templates
  • Set Documaster archive settings so that their organization can manage archiving better
  • Add possibility to limit who can view submitted requests
  • Add possibility to update a selection of existing Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites with common settings so that governance is implemented
  • Admin can add and manange what Input fields the users have to fill out when making a request
  • Overview & Control App will be available in Microsoft Teams admin apps
  • Ability to see tenants settings to have an overview of current tenant
  • Ability to get an overview of Teams, Groups and Sites that are not compliant according to their template

Overview & Control End users, Owners and Approvers

  • Create a new SharePoint site based on a template
  • SharePoint site owners will be able to associate SharePoint sites in an existing HUB
  • Custom fields, e. g. “Project Manager” will be available for users to fill out when requesting Team, Group or SharePoint site
  • Team, Group and SharePoint approvers will receive a notification when a Team is requested
  • Tooltips on how to fill out and use request form

Requested features

  • Tenant Teams, Groups and SharePoint activity reports


Please contact us via our online form at Overview & Control Contact if you have any wishes.