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Full overview

How many Teams does your organization have? How many external users are there?

Full overview of your microsoft 365 and Teams platform

Complete picture

With the overview page, you get a complete picture of Teams, 365-groups and SharePoint sites that have been created. Here you can which channels you have, when they were last used,  and how many users they each have. You can also see if there are external users.
Features for end users Features for admins
Overview Complete Picture
Overview Administer


Filter teams by active, archived, and deleted. You can easily change the status of the Team. It is also easy to sort Teams with external users or teams without an owner. Administrators can choose what kind of Teams and Sharepoint sites to display to employees.


Future structure

From the overview page, users can easily submit a request to create a new Team. Users select a template that is predefined by the administrator and sent automatically for approval. This way you avoid manual routines and chaos. Instead, you secure structure in the future.

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Overview Future Structure

Enjoy the feeling of control

Enjoy the feeling of control