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Ensure future control with Templates

Ensure control with templates for Teams

Good structure

With templates you can ensure future control. Under settings, the administrator can create templates that form the basis for new Teams and SharePoint sites. Every organization is different and has different needs for what their Teams should look like. Therefore, we have made sure to make the configuration of templates as flexible and user-friendly as possible.

Features for end users Features for admins
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Create Custom Templates

Create custom templates

When creating a template, you can, among other things:

  • Decide who will be the approvers
  • Choose to show the template only to relevant groups
  • Set titling convention for Teams that are created
  • Control whether external user access is allowed
  • Set the minimum number of owners for a Team
  • Define channel structure with folder structure
  • Add applications
  • Define a structure for the creation of SharePoint sites

Titling conventions for templates

Documaster is happy to help you get started with creating templates, and shows you how you can best use this functionality to maintain good structure on Teams.

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Enjoy the feeling of control

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